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Moving towards open process

Monday, January 14th, 2008 by hartmans

I wrote about initial efforts to set up more open and transparent process for MIT Kerberos. We approved that content at one of our December release meetings, although we ran into snags surrounding choice of software. However we’re up and running now.

The next challenge is to get people other than me to start contributing content. I have gotten people with active project proposals to start writing them up on the wiki. However I am currently the only one writing content such as policy proposals, descriptions of the organization, etc. Bootstrapping something like this is hard; the resource needs to be useful enough that people remember it, but for that to happen, it needs to be something people remember to add content to.

Once we get people to start looking at the resource and contributing, we have a lot of important community discussions planned. We want to open up a bunch of questions about coding practices. We also want to provide guidelines for how to conduct code reviews and have information on interface stability.