Grand Vision, Grand Future

So far, consortium priority setting has focused on short and medium term goals. The consortium proposal itself talks about long term visions of Kerberos and about where we want to move things. We’ve kept that in mind as we look at the short and medium-term work we’ve been planning; it is all consistent with the future vision. However, no single sponsor wants to prioritize the long-term visions. Ultimately though it’s our job as the consortium to drive that effort and get to the long-term vision we want to see.

I’ll be taking the first step in that process at our next board meeting. I will be presenting a road map plan four our long-term technical direction. We will propose a series of projects to advance kerberos on the web; to advance kerberos on mobile platforms; and to improve the maintainability, sustainability and security of Kerberos. The goal will be to make steady progress on each of these fronts. I’m currently in the middle of coming up with an initial proposal for these priorities.

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