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Painless Security Consulting–No Longer at MIT

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 by hartmans

As of April 18, I have left MIT and am working as an independent consultant. Information on my expertise is available.

Since April I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family. I planned to start setting up Painless Security as a company in mid June and start looking for work around then. However, in late May, I received an offer to work on a project I’ll be discussing shortly. So, the good news is that work started sooner than expected. The bad news is that I have not made as much progress as I had hoped on infrastructure. That project is winding down now, so I am beginning to work on the infrastructure work and on finding more projects. If there are opportunities you think I should take a look at, please drop me a line.

I’m going to expand the scope of this blog a bit. While I will think about the security implications of whatever I post, I’m going to broaden things a bit from the strict security focus. If you are interested in some of the content here, but find other content not to your taste, drop me a line. I can probably set up tags so you can find only what you’re looking for.

Currently, I am not funded to participate in the IETF. If projects came along that involved contributing the the IETF, I’d definitely take a serious look. Meanwhile I will stay involved in some IETF activities as a self-funded individual, but my involvement will need to scale back.