Debconf 10 Enterprise Track

I’ve been asked by the Debconf 10 talks team to coordinate a Debian Enterprise track at the upcoming Debconf 10 conference. I’m really excited about this, and I could use your help. From my standpoint, this all started with a BOF proposal looking at better coordination and what is missing in Debian enterprise integration. The track will also include talks and other events on what exciting things are happening with Debian in the enterprise. I need your help in the form of suggestions for talks, panels and the like (especially if you would be willing to give the talk or coordinate an activity). We’re under a fairly tight deadline; ideally proposals would be in by May 1, but if they are not, it’s still definitely worth discussing with me. From my standpoint, topics include:

  • Managing groups of machines together
  • Working with Active Directory
  • Open source answers to the use cases of Active Directory if you aren’t a Windows shop
  • Responses especially in the form of working code or ideas for getting there to my concerns about how we’re letting Microsoft drive the evolution in the enterprise
  • Federated authentication, authorization and personalization
  • Integrating with asset tracking, ERP, and other enterprise processes and how Debian fits in.
  • Bringing enterprise players into the community as contributors to the project

Obviously, many other things could fit in and I’d be interested in your ideas as well.

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