Moonshot and RDSI

Moonshot continues to be busy. Lately we’ve been focusing on finishing our core technical specs, better understanding how Moonshot will be deployed and working on our trust infrastructure. At the same time, we’re beginning to watch organizations evaluate whether Moonshot addresses a need they have. I’m excited by this process because I like to see technology I work on adopted and because the feedback we get is very valuable. This week though, I personally get to participate in such an exercise. Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at the Australian Research Data Storage Initiative’s workshop on Moonshot. I’ll be giving background on the project, talking about community success, and talking about how Moonshot can help Australia. I’m looking forward to that. I’m also very excited about a brainstorming exercise I’ll be participating in today. Several key participants in the RDSI project and I will get together to carefully evaluate their needs and see what it would take for a Moonshot solution. I hope Moonshot does end up being a good fit. Regardless, I enjoy this sort of problem solving session and am happy to have the opportunity to sit down with knowledgeable people and see how we can solve real problems!

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